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Are things ever going to work out for him?

Poor Carter. The Bold & Beautiful hunk has never really had much luck with women — despite how much of a catch the lawyer is! He was engaged to Maya, but broke it off when it was clear she only had eyes for Rick. Then there was his engagement to Zoe (a couple times) but she dumped him off-screen and left town.

Her sister Paris romanced Carter too… but their engagement was, for lack of a better word, a sham, as Carter couldn’t get over the married Quinn. And then when she finally left Eric, all seemed right in the world — until she disappeared without much explanation and left Carter standing in the dust. Alone.

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“Carter, I love you so much, I’m leaving. Bye.”

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But all that’s changed now that he’s with Katie! It’s a stable, mature relationship. No pining over other people and we feel pretty confident that Katie isn’t going to just vanish in the middle of the night! But there still might be trouble on the horizon… Sorry, Carter!

During a recent Bold Live with Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton, Brooks was asked if he thought Wyatt would ever go back to Katie. And his response was very enthusiastic!

“Yeah, why not?” Brooks asked, before slipping into Wyatt’s voice and adding, “Hell, yeah, I would!”

For some strange reason, we think Carter might have a problem with that… So, too, might Flo. But then, as we’ve also learned, no one’s quite sure where she is anymore. In fact, we’d be surprised if Wyatt even knew, seeing as Brooks doesn’t! And that can only mean they’ve got a breakup in their future.

Once that happens, Wyatt’s a free man. And trying to get back together with Katie has got to be appealing to Wyatt — and not just for himself! Think about it. Part of what seems to have pushed Bill towards Sheila seems to be, for lack of a better word, hurt. Liam himself suggested that Bill’s just trying to prove that he doesn’t need anyone and can do whatever he wants. And that came after he finally realized Katie wasn’t going to take him back.

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Yeah, that’s probably the faces you’ll make when both Carter and Bill are ticked at you!

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But what if Katie and Carter broke up and she got back with Wyatt? If anything could yank Bill’s attention away from Sheila it would be his son getting back together with the woman he wanted!

So should Carter be worried? On paper, he’s the clear catch. But given his unfortunate track record, if Wyatt starts falling for Katie again, if we were him, we’d start worrying!

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