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It’s not what you think. Unless it is.

We often discuss the way that Bold & Beautiful leaves us scratching our heads, going, “Huh?” But this week, they had us scratching so hard, we damn near took off some scalp. Why? Because the show had Deacon and Sheila trembling in fear over the possibility that Bill might kill them over their clandestine affair.

It was in the March 6 episode that the lovers expressed their fears. Instead of basking in the afterglow of their nookie, Sheila was shaking in boots she wasn’t wearing. “You’re worried about prison?” Deacon remarked. “We’re talking about a guy who blew up a building with his kid in it. If he finds out about us, prison will be the least of our worries.”

Er, why, bro? Sheila is like the Charles Manson of modern-day L.A. She’s a nut job who runs around in disguises, cuts off a toe to avoid capture and responds to the word “no” by attempting to murder a mother of two. She is not someone who is afraid, she is someone who people are afraid of.

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“I wouldn’t hurt a fly! You, on the other hand… ”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

And despite rebranding himself as Mr. Nice Guy, Deacon has long been the reason that they call the streets mean. He blackmails his enemies as readily as other folks text and, let’s not forget, served time for trying to send estranged wife Quinn to an early grave. He and Sheila are too bonkers to worry. Don’t you agree? Although…

Bill may have just moved to the top of the suspects list in the “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery that the show would be crazy not to tell. Check out the other potentially guilty parties in the photo gallery below.