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Someone needs to figure out what happened!

Wyatt and Liam have their hands full on The Bold and the Beautiful these days. After they tried talking some sense into Bill last week, Liam tried his darndest to get his dad to open up. It seemed like Bill was close… and then nothing. It’s a mystery that will have to wait for another day.

But it’s not the only mystery that Bill’s sons have on their plate! Because when Scott Clifton and Darin Brooks stopped by Bold Live the other week, supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk admitted that he’d gotten a lot of fans asking one singular question: Where in the world is Flo?

The host tossed the question to Flo’s supposed TV fiancé, Brooks… and he, in turn, threw it right back!

“I’m going to kick that one right back to ya,” the actor replied with just the right touch of tongue-in-cheek accusation. “Where is Flo, Casey?”

“Yeah, Casey,” Clifton chimed in, “where is Flo?”

Wow, it was starting to sound like a nefarious conspiracy! Had she been spirited away? Had she been, as rickstheone suggested in the video chat, killed by Sheila? Were they all trying to cover up Flo’s disappearance!?

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Follow-up question: Why do the women in Wyatt’s life keep disappearing?

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“Well, I know where Katrina [Bowden] is,” Kasprzyk explained, “but I don’t know where Flo is.”

Oh. So it’s not a conspiracy. She’s just sort of been… forgotten. The Bold Live host then asked Brooks if he still kept in touch with Bowden.

“To be honest,” the actor admitted, “we’ve been so swamped lately, we’ve been like two ships passing in the night. I’ve seen her posting stuff. I know she’s been in Hawaii a lot. I’m like, ‘Oh, cool!’

And swamped is right. Brooks has certainly been busy in between his Wyatt appearances, voicing Guy in Peacock’s The Croods: Family Tree and appearing as Max over on Apple+’s Amber Brown.

“Your character proposed to her, and then I don’t know what happened,” Kasprzyk admitted. Clifton, fortunately, had an answer! It just may not be the correct one…

Liam and Wyatt confront Flo on Bold and Beautiful

“Oh my God! You’ve been in that elevator this whole time?!”

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“Flo has been stuck in the Forrester elevator,” he cracked, “for about a year and a half. Nobody’s coming to get her. It’s rude.”

Brooks nodded sagely at the revelation. “That elevator,” he explained, “it’s set really far back. Nobody uses it!”

So, we guess she went in, got stuck and, well, let’s hope it came stocked with a couple years’ supply of food? Honestly, at this point, we’ll take any explanation we can get. But maybe it’s time to put an end to the confusion and speculation and do something about this mystery. If nothing else, it sounds like Wyatt and Flo is a breakup waiting to happen.

Then again, we supposed Wyatt would have to know where his fiancée is if he ever wants to call things off. And to that we say: Good luck!

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