Deacon Sheila B&B
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Sheila warns Deacon that Bill can never find out about them.

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After purchasing Il Giardino, Deacon wanted Sheila to come to the grand opening of his new restaurant. Sadly she told him she couldn’t because of Bill. However, she did admit she misses Deacon, that living with Bill was driving her crazy, and that she thinks of Deacon when she’s with Bill.

Bill’s sons meanwhile, pushed his father about threatening Taylor to keep Sheila out of jail, which is where Sheila belongs. Liam warned his father that Sheila was using him to stay out of jail, and was messing with him. Bill assured his sons if Sheila was messing with him then she’d pay dearly.

Coming up, Liam once again calls out his father and asks Bill how he can love Sheila Carter.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila, with her shirt open, kisses a barechested Deacon. She later warns him that Bill finding out about them is not an option, because there is no telling what he’d do.

Sheila returns home to Bill and says, “Hey handsome.” He wonders where she’s been. Whatever answer she gives him, he confronts her and says, “You wouldn’t play me, you’re smarter than that!”

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