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We didn’t see it coming, but maybe we should’ve.

Ever since The Bold and the Beautiful had Thomas reduce Steffy to tears with his admission of wrongdoing and vow to do better — hey, he can hardly do worse! — the writing has been on the wall. He’s getting sprung from the doghouse and, if we’re reading the spoilers for Thursday, March 2, correctly, about to become Steffy’s big solution to the problem with Hope for the Future.

But there’s not a lot of drama in that, now is there? “I’m sorry.” “You’re forgiven.” The end. So where we suspect that the show is taking the story beyond Thomas’ inevitable rehiring is in the direction of…

You know what? You might wanna sit down for this.

Thomas Hope B&B

“Here. This may or may not be a love note.”

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Just When He’d Lost All Hope…

At first, everyone would be skeptical of this genuinely new, truly improved Thomas. They’d be fools not to be. But over time, he’d manage to sell Steffy, Taylor, even Brooke on the idea that he’s turned a corner. The change in him wouldn’t be lost on Hope, either.

Liam’s wife has really been through it lately, what with her line in turmoil and her home life in shambles. She could come to see Thomas as sort of a safe space, someone she can be around and forget all the other [bleep] that’s going on. They could work together, make progress together… It would feel simple. Good.

But of course it would be anything but.

bb hope Liam wine drink

“Nice, honey, but what I really want is my dang wine.”

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Business and Pleasure

Eventually, it wouldn’t be enough for Hope to make dresses with Thomas. She’d enjoy losing herself in their rapport, but as with any drug, she’d end up wanting more, more, more. Thomas, really having turned over a new leaf, would ignore the flirtatious signals that she’s sending him.

Up to a point. When Hope uses their proximity to one another to make an actual play for Thomas, he’d be stunned — and reluctant to be her guy on the side. That isn’t very on brand with Thomas 2.0. But his feelings for her never having completely gone away, in the end, he could only surrender to temptation.

Thomas shirtless B&B

“Good thing I kept up that gym membership!”

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Ah, But There’s a Twist

The one who’d really be at risk in this scenario wouldn’t be Hope but Thomas. She’s losing herself in something that doesn’t mean anything to her. He, on the other hand, is losing his heart. When she decides to get her act together, Liam will take her back, naturally. But Thomas… where does he go from there? Devastated, will he be able to continue walking the straight and narrow? Or will he revert to his wicked ways?

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