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The CBS soap vet looks back on her teenage years in daytime.

Before Ashley Jones arrived on the scene at The Bold and the Beautiful as Bridget in 2004, she landed her first daytime role as Megan Dennison on The Young and the Restless. In fact, the actress is going to be attending the soap’s 50th anniversary party and during our interview with the actress, she thought about her time on daytime’s number one drama and how she felt compared to the others in the cast.

“I was so young when I started on Young & Restless,” Jones told before recalling how Bill Bell guided her every step of the way. “It was very daunting, and I thought everyone was so much cooler than me!”

At the time, Jones was in school and would make her way to the set at the end of the day after her studies. “Everyone seemed so much more glamorous than me!” she stated. “The whole thing seemed glamorous.” However, there was something much bigger that she realized in the beginning…

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“Little did I know that first day just how much work was involved,” Jones admitted. “It was so daunting. I mean, here I was this kid in high school and there was Eric Braeden, a literal daytime icon!” And speaking of the portrayer of the great and powerful Victor Newman, she revealed, “Honestly, I still find him to be a bigger-than-life presence. I’m a grown woman now, but I can sometimes still feel that way because he’s… well, he’s Eric Braeden!”

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Jones gave her Instagram followers a treat when she posted photos of her time playing Genoa City’s “sweet Megan,” a character that garnered her two Daytime Emmy nominations. Even though she didn’t win a golden statuette, for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, she lost to two of her castmates, “the amazing Cameron Grimes” (ex-Cassie) in 1999 and the “immensely-talented Heather Tom” (ex-Victoria) in 2000.

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“I’ve always said Bill Bell changed my life… Many of us could say that, actually,” Jones expressed before crediting soap fans for being “the best” and promising to take lots of behind-the-scenes photos at the anniversary party next week.

In anticipation of the soap’s big milestone, look through our photo gallery below of Young & Restless’ 50th-anniversay cast portraits.