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“There are a lot of skeletons in a lot of closets in this town!” 

If you were to take a Family Feud style poll and ask 100 Bold & Beautiful characters to identify the most hated person in Los Angeles, it’s a pretty safe bet that Sheila Carter would come in at the top of the answer chart. But while everyone in town seems willing to hop in a bus and drive it over Sheila — repeatedly — her portrayer, Kimberlin Brown, suggests that there’s more than a little hypocrisy taking place!

“These people love to point the fingers,” says the actress, in character, “especially the Forrester family. Over the years, they’ve done everything in their power to keep me from finding happiness. Honestly, all I want is to be left alone, to find the same love that everyone else has been allowed to find for themselves! And it’s not as if they are angels. They all have things to hide!”

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Take, for example, Steffy. While everyone has been focused on the fact that Taylor shot Bill, leaving herself open to blackmail in the process, the shrink isn’t the only pistol-packing member of Ridge’s extended family. Cracking open the history book and taking out a few pages, Brown reminds viewers of an inconvenient truth.

“People seem to forget that Steffy shot Sheila,” she says. “Sheila didn’t go to the police because Eric asked her not to, and she agreed to keep quiet out of her love for him.” bold beautiful eric sheila

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For those who’ve forgotten the circumstances under which this twist took place, let us take you back to the summer of 2017. Eric had separated from Quinn and moved into a hotel room, a fact Sheila took full advantage of. Things got messy when Liam and Steffy found her grandpa and Sheila in a hotel room together. Sheila insisted she was only there to help Eric, not seduce him, and reached into her bag to provide proof. Assuming Sheila was going for a gun, Steffy reached into her purse and pulled out her own firearm, firing without thinking!

As it turned out, the bullet only grazed Sheila (who’d been trying to retrieve an electric razor form her purse in order to prove she’d brought it to Eric). Ultimately, Sheila was convinced not to file charges against Steffy.

“Sheila’s not the only one who has done things that she regrets,” Brown concludes. “And in her mind, she doesn’t understand why she’s the only one who people want to punish! Why doesn’t she get a second chance? When will people leave her alone and allow her to be happy?”

This being Sheila, she’ll do what it takes to survive. “There are a lot of secrets in a lot of closets in this town,” Brown says, again in character. “If Sheila decided to expose them, there’d be hell to pay!”

Of course, Sheila’s committed more than her share of crimes over the years… as illustrated in the gallery below!