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If Bill’s girlfriend crosses *this* line, she’s done.

Bold & Beautiful viewers know it’s only a matter of time before Sheila’s latest run comes to an end and there’s been loads of speculation about how that may come about (and what might happen in the meantime!), but seasoned fans know that the place to look for clues is in the episodes themselves, and the daytime drama just dropped a huge hint…

Foreshadowing is a tool that Bold & Beautiful uses very effectively and in heavy doses, so one only had to be marginally paying attention to catch the tease that was thrown in during Bill’s confrontation with his sons with regard to Sheila.

Wyatt and Liam showed up at the house to try and do what absolutely no one else on the canvas has been able to do — talk some sense into their father about the severely problematic issue of him shacking up with the notorious Sheila Carter and going so far as to issue threats to protect her.

Bill was unmoved by Wyatt’s shrieks and Liam’s pleas as they worked to convince their father that Sheila was dangerous. But a new recurring theme emerged in the dialogue as the face-off continued — Sheila cannot be trusted.
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If this plays out like we think it will, we’ll be able to add Sheila cannot be trusted to our soap opera drinking game alongside such classics as I can’t understand why I drank on New Year’s and I want my parents to get back together, as characters pound us over the head with this mantra in the coming days and weeks.

But what does it mean for Sheila’s ultimate fate? Well, a natural extension of not being able to be trusted is to commit an act of betrayal.

Now, consider how the conversation between Bill and his sons ended in Tuesday’s episode of Bold & Beautiful. Bill confidently assured Wyatt and Liam that Sheila would not betray him. Wyatt then asked, “But if she did, she’d be gone right?” Liam followed up with, “Right back to prison?”

So, there, SOAPS readers, is Sheila’s ticket back to prison all spelled out as plain as day. If Wyatt and Liam can catch Sheila betraying Bill, they’ll have the ammunition they need to get rid of her — all they’ll have to do is bring the evidence to their father.

As viewers are already aware, Sheila has feelings for Deacon and has been slipping off to see him behind Bill’s back. The temptation to break Bill’s faith in her is there and beckoning. Will the lure be too much for her to resist… and will Wyatt and Liam be the unexpected duo who catches her in the act and eliminate the threat of Sheila for good (or at least until she shows up again)?!

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