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It sounds like we might want to brace ourselves!

Who could have ever foreseen, even just a few months back, this Bill and Sheila nightmare on The Bold and the Beautiful? Not us. Not the fans. And certainly not Bill’s loved ones! We daresay the only ones happy about this unholy union are the two smack in the middle of it.

So far, it’s seemed like no one — friends nor family — has been able to get through to Bill and convince him to drop Sheila and this madness. But that doesn’t mean those around him are giving up.

In fact, just today, Liam and Wyatt gave it a go as the two sat down with Bill and demanded to know, “What is going on with Sheila?!” Will they get through to their dad? It sure as heck didn’t seem like it. Plus, we’re pretty sure this is the man who invented stubbornness, so we won’t hold our breath. But it looks like things are about to get interesting!

Recently, Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton sat down with supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk to talk on Bold Live. Naturally, the topic of Bill and Sheila came up and a fan asked if the fellas could please talk some sense into their TV dad.

Both actors slipped into their alter-egos, looked utterly exasperated and shook their heads.

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“Is it just me or is it like talking to a brick wall?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“Don’t even get me started,” Brooks exclaimed.

“We’re trying,” Clifton added.

“You have no idea,” Brooks added. “You have no idea what’s coming up, guys. I’m telling you. The way this unfolds, you’ll be like, ‘Whoa!’”

How bad could it get? Is Bill going to give in and give up on Sheila or is he going to push back against his boys — hard? Well, even if, as this drags out, it gets violent, Clifton is all in. In fact, he cracked, those are his favorite scenes to shoot with Don Diamont!

“Whenever Don is physically assaulting me,” he joked, “whether wrestling me to the ground or punching me in the face, those are my favorite scenes, really. I’m going to be honest with you.”

Heck, if that’s the case, fingers crossed for a little physicality! But if Friday’s spoilers are any indication, there may be a chance that the two finally get through enough to their dad for him to open up. Of course, what he opens up about is anyone’s guess. But we have a feeling we’ll all be going, “Whoa!”

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