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Credit: D Guignebourg/JPI

The CBS soap actress gets candid on one of Hollywood’s biggest topics.

Many actors and actresses, as well as everyday people, make the choice to have a little work done here and there to make themselves feel better in their skin. It’s a personal preference, and nothing to look down on someone for doing, and in a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Krista Allen (Taylor) opened up about her thoughts on plastic surgery and whether or not she’s had any procedures done.

“I’ve never felt pressure to do anything,” Allen revealed. “I don’t do Botox. I have the Shar Pei forehead that everyone laughs at.” While she laughed at her own reference, she did admit that throughout her 20s and 30s she did do Botox “and all the stupid things,” but these days she’s very happy with where she is.

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Allen went on to state that she’s not saying that she would never do it, and acknowledged that many people have plastic surgery and look great. “I just feel as I’ve gotten older, it’s way more obvious to me,” she continued. “And if I couldn’t move my forehead, I make so many expressions with my face, it would be very noticeable.”

No matter what, Allen is gorgeous and in the end, for anyone, all that matters is how one feels about themselves — and whether or not they decide to have a procedure done, that’s their decision and theirs alone.

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