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“Till death do us part” has to mean something very different to the murderess.

Unless we’re misreading the signs, The Bold and the Beautiful is planning a wedding for Bill and Sheila. We know, we know: You’ve had it up to here with the odd couple. But there may yet be a reason to RSVP yes to the nuptials. Read on, and we’ll explain.

An Indecent Proposal

First, let’s look at the hints that are being dropped that Bill is about to pop question. In the Tuesday, Feb. 28, episode, Sheila says a poignant goodbye to Deacon, the lover she finally got in the sack after coming on to him for months. Sounds like she’s snipping loose ends, no?

Then, on Friday, March 3, Bill makes a confession to Liam about his significant other — perhaps that he intends to make her his bride? (We are so there for a classic Liam reaction shot!)

Katie and Carter’s reactions ought to be good, too.

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An ‘Unstoppable’ Force

Kimberlin Brown certainly seems to have high hopes for Bill and Sheila’s future. As she told, “You’ve never seen this [kind of pairing] done before. And quite honestly, depending on where this story goes, it could end up being one of the most dynamic pairings in daytime. 

“Everyone respects Bill,” she adds, “but I don’t know that they respect him because of his business prowess but because they fear him. When you throw Sheila into that mix, that kind of power could be unstoppable.” Or would it be? Hmm…

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“Maybe I can even get my new wife to beat up Ridge for me.”

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A Nasty Surprise

Suppose Taylor pulls a fast one on the happy couple. Suppose she goes to the police and cuts a deal to plea temporary insanity in Bill’s shooting in exchange for no jail time; instead, she’ll offer therapy to inmates as community service. With her out of danger, Finn and Steffy could press charges against Sheila for shooting them, setting the stage for an unforgettable wedding.

Just imagine. Sheila’s all, “OMG, I can’t believe Steffy and Finn and even all the Forresters came to my wedding — and they’re being nice.” Brooke would even pay a visit to Sheila as she’s getting ready in order to make a toast — nonalcoholic, she’d be quick to note. “Finally,” Brooke says, “may you get everything that you deserve.”

brooke taylor toast bb

“I’ll drink to that!”

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‘I Do… Place You Under Arrest’

Brooke’s words unnerve Sheila. But Bill reassures her that he loves her, and nothing can stand in their way. So down the aisle Sheila marches. Brooke’s strangely worded toast ringing in her ears, Sheila becomes more and more unsettled as she looks out at the guests, all smiling as if they know something that she doesn’t. (Maybe in attendance will be some familiar faces from Bill’s family tree; see who’s who here.)

When at last Carter reaches the part of the ceremony at which he asks if anyone knows any reason why Bill and Sheila shouldn’t be married, the chapel doors swing open. “Yup, that’s my cue,” says Deputy Chief Baker, entering with half of the LAPD to ensure that the bride doesn’t get away.

“Sorry, lady,” he says as he cuffs Sheila for attempted murder times two, “but you’re not headed for the honeymoon suite, you’re headed for a prison cell.”

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