Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, CBS screenshot

We’ve gotta give credit where it’s due.

You know as well as we do that we take The Bold and the Beautiful to task a lot, for everything from its misuse of characters to its nonsensical plots. So when the show gets something right, it bears mentioning. And it has struck gold with the decades-in-the-making friendship between Brooke and Taylor.

For starters, their truce allows Katherine Kelly Lang and Krista Allen’s alter egos to do something that not only Bold & Beautiful but most soaps are reluctant to let their characters do: evolve. Grow. Change. And it is, in a word, thrilling. The twist gives hope to us all that, no matter how many boneheaded decisions we’ve made, we can still learn from our mistakes and do better.

On top of that, Lang and Allen are just a blast together. They nail not only the hard-won emotional bond that’s sprung up between the former nemeses but also the lightness and fun that’s part and parcel of a real friendship. The actresses are obviously enjoying themselves, Brooke and Taylor sure are, and so are we. It’s a delightful change of pace!

Finally — and we can only hope that Bold & Beautiful goes this route when Ridge shows up again — “Braylor” are positioned to be free of the love triangle that has kept them going in circles for so many years, making the audience uncertain whether they are watching a current episode or one from 1994. We sorta doubt that Il Giardino Hollis is going to be Brooke’s next “destiny,” but we love that she’s sparking with someone outside of her usual rotation of men. And you already know with whom we’re dying to see Taylor paired. (If you don’t, read up on that odd coupling here.)

The weirdest thing about this whole wonderful storyline? We almost missed that it had begun! When Brooke and Taylor turned away Ridge and declared themselves pals, we sorta expected it to last an episode or two. But no! Thrillingly, Bold & Beautiful seems to be as committed to “Braylor” as they are to each other. And we can’t thank the powers that be enough for treating the duo like what they are: two fantabulous women who are far too mature and sophisticated to engage in name-calling and cake fights!

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