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Credit: D Guignebourg/JPI

Some interviews just “don’t go quite as planned.”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Krista Allen (Taylor) recently sat down with Australia’s Network 10 entertainment editor Angela Bishop for a fun interview but as her host stated, “Things don’t go quite as planned.” Though Allen revealed that “the fantastic” Bishop had been “very patient,” she had a little bit of trouble and repeatedly messed up whole plug.

“I seriously can’t take her anywhere!” Allen joked while sharing a video of the incident. However, as viewers watched, it had in fact been Allen who became tongue-tied and had to ask for more outtakes. “One more time,” she asked. “I swear, I’m a professional.”

Bishop, while seated next to her guest, laughed along with Allen, who stated, “I haven’t been drinking, have you?” Though she tried again to tease viewers with “the inside scoop,” the CBS soap actress broke out in laughter once again and wrapped her arms around Bishop, who couldn’t contain her amusement.

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One more time, Allen tried to focus by putting the attention on Bishop and asked, “Are you ready yet?” And you’ll have to watch to see if their final take panned out but we can tell you, Allen made us laugh until the very end!

Fans may recognize Bishop for the cameos she’s done on the soap. Since 2017, she’s appeared three times as J.J. and most recently turned up in September of 2022 in scenes with Bill at Il Giardino.

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