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How does the Bold & Beautiful star feel about the idea of her alter-ego having a “good time” with Hollis? Find out inside…

Bold & Beautiful fans had all kinds of ideas about how Brooke could move on without Ridge — or should we say who she could move on with? — as did we. But the one none of us saw coming was Deacon’s sidekick, Paul ‘now-known-as-Hollis’ the bartender from Il Giardino.

Brooke didn’t see it coming either judging by her clueless reaction to him flirting with her. In fact, Taylor had to dial her in, which gave us a cute series of scenes, including the two of them searching online for the meaning of the emoji Hollis sent Brooke after finagling her phone number.
Bold beautiful B&B hollis brooke

Honestly, a return to Brooke and Deacon would have made more sense had he not fallen in love with Sheila in a truly bizarre twist that has cast the madwoman as a lover so bewitching that she’s even better in the sack than the siren of Brooke’s Bedroom fame. If that had come to pass, Hope would have had a stint with her parents back together and Ridge and Bill would have been left fuming over the “con’s” turn of fortune. But Bold & Beautiful is the world of upside-down at the present time, so we appear to have a fling coming up between Brooke and the bartender instead — and we’re not gonna lie — that could be fun.

One Bold & Beautiful fan on Twitter took to social media to declare as much… and received a response from Katherine Kelly Lang herself, who weighed in on the viewer’s comment that “Brooke should text Hollis the waiter back. Nothing wrong with having a good time.”

Indeed, Brooke has been known to be drawn to a “good time,” and Katherine Kelly Lang appears to be all in for the ideal of her alter-ego indulging herself in the arms of a younger man as she responded to the post with a grin, a thumbs-up, and an emoji one could only take as kicking up her heels, under the circumstances.

As spoiler readers will already know, Brooke will connect with Hollis on their date on Friday’s episode, for which Bold & Beautiful released the teaser: Brooke takes her first step in her life without Ridge.

Meanwhile, as Ridge remains sequestered in an unknown location licking his wounds, Brooke has been living it up with her new friend — former rival, Taylor — and this is something else Katherine Kelly Lang favors for her onscreen persona. She exclaimed, “So much fun for Brooke to have a friend!”

We have to agree as we’ve gotten quite a kick out of the pair yukking it up around town. It’s kind of a refreshing change in dynamic!

Let us know how you feel about Brooke having a fling with Hollis in the comment section below. But first, remind yourself of just why the bartender (and so many other men) find Brooke irresistible by delving into our hot new photo gallery.

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