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He may just be the smartest one in the bunch right now.

It’s been some time now that Ridge left the canvas and since then, a lot has gone on… Thomas has been sniffing around Forrester Creations looking for his old job back, Douglas decided that he doesn’t want to live with his father — or his mother — and is currently staying with his Aunt Steffy, and his exes, Brooke and Taylor, are new BFFs — ones who may just end up moving in together. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Sheila is on the loose — legally, this time — and shacking up with Bill?

So, where has Ridge been during all of this and why hasn’t he come home? Well, one could say that he’s brilliant to be avoiding the constant fighting within his family, especially during a time when he’s at odds with his son and the women in his life, aside from Steffy, have decided that they are better off without him. By staying away… far, far away — anywhere, but in the middle of this mess — he’s avoiding more trauma… possibly to his ego but trauma nonetheless.

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Some would even argue that he’s being a deadbeat dad, even though his kids are grown. But in his eyes, he could argue that Steffy and Thomas had a hand in the downfall that led to his current dilemma… They shoved Taylor down his throat when he was still married to Brooke, and Thomas took things one step further by framing Brooke with the CPS call, but in the end, Ridge is a grown man — one who can make his own decisions — and maybe he’s taking a moment to reflect on the state of his life as a result of those decisions.

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However, given all of that, Sheila has and will always be a danger to his family and one would think that he would be more than concerned that she is walking free and that she seems to have cast a spell on the man who once had him thrown out of a helicopter.

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So, staying out of the line of fire or not, there better be a better reason that he’s been MIA or just off licking his wounds. What do you think? Be sure to share your theories with us in the comment section.

While we wait to see where Ridge has been, and why he’s stayed away so long, look back on the “dressmaker’s” troubled life in our photo gallery below.