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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

We’ll all be thinking of her and her loved ones.

Like a great many of us, family means everything to Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless alum Adrienne Frantz. Amber’s portrayer is the proud mom to three kids with Guiding Light alum Scott Bailey — daughter Amélie and sons Lion and Killian. But the road to happiness hasn’t been an easy one for the beleaguered family.

Frantz, herself, suffered complications after Lion’s birth, while little Killian went through his own extended health scare. Fortunately, both mom and son made it through with flying colors. But now it’s Frantz’s mom who’s in trouble, and as the actress has done before, she’s turned to friends and fans alike for strength in a difficult time.

The actress shared a photo of her mom, Vicki, on Instagram with her three healthy kids and explained what was happening.

“Everyone please say a prayer for my mom, Vicki Frantz, right now,” she wrote. “She is about to go into shoulder surgery right now. I am sure everything will be fine but I am still worried.”

No matter the procedure, surgery is always a scary prospect, so we can more than understand the actress’ worry. There’s certainly nothing wrong with asking for good thoughts and prayers during a scary time, and folks turned out in droves to support Frantz. And as the family’s past health scares have turned out alright, those prayers certainly seem to have done some good.

We’ll be keeping Frantz, her mom and the entire family in our thoughts, though we, too, are sure they’ll all come out of this happy and healthy!

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