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Douglas’ dad has strong words for Steffy.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for February 20 – 24, a family feud could be brewing. Read about it below and watch the preview.

In spite of Steffy warning her brother that he could lose complete custody of his son, Thomas took Hope to court seeking full custody of Douglas. The judge allowed young Douglas to choose who he wanted to live with, and he shocked everyone by picking his Aunt Steffy! While Thomas and Hope both pleaded with Steffy not to do this, she struggled with honoring Douglas’ choice.

Steffy broke the news to Finn about Douglas’ choice. Finn wasn’t initially receptive, not wanting to put themselves in the middle of Thomas and Hope’s drama, but Steffy felt sure after a while Douglas would want to go home. A heartbroken Hope eventually turned the boy over to Steffy, who told Hope she saw this as temporary and she’d be on guard where Thomas is concerned. Of course, it didn’t take long for Thomas to confront his sister and demand to see his son whenever he wanted, a request she denied.

In the preview for this week, Thomas and Steffy’s confrontation continues, as he won’t allow Steffy to keep him from his son. Steffy feels she is obligated to protect the boy, even if that meant protecting him from his father. Later, Finn worries to Steffy that Thomas’ warning not to come between him and Douglas sounded like he was making veiled threats.

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