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If nothing else, you’ve gotta admire his can-do attitude.

The Bold and the Beautiful has given us plenty of reasons to believe that Finn isn’t the sharpest scalpel in the operating room. There was the fact that he stuck by Steffy even after she cheated on him with Liam for what? Old times’ sake? There was his initial insistence on giving Sheila a chance despite everyone around him going, “Dude, no. She’s a homicidal maniac.” Even now, there’s his hesitation at taking in Douglas. Why? Bro, c’mon. We know you have a nanny (and could afford a fleet of 20!).

But the week of February 20, Bill will be counting on Finn to be even dimmer than we imagined. Why? Sheila’s loverman is going to try to get her son to forgive her, Soap Opera Digest reports. Ever since she accidentally shot him and deliberately shot Steffy, the “misunderstood” madwoman has been bummed that Finn hasn’t been as willing as the court to give her a free pass. Bill “sees that this is something that pains her,” Don Diamont tells the magazine, “and he feels if he can heal that, there could be something positive on the other side of that.”

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“Did Finn ask about me? Well, did he?!?”

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Sure. That, or it could be his turn to get in his girlfriend’s literal line of fire. Anyway, to cheer Sheila up, Bill pays a visit to Finn in hopes of convincing him to break bread(sticks) with her and make peace. “He really wants to see her happy,” says Diamont. “He feels she deserves it, and making amends with her son is a great way to start.”

Not sure how Sheila deserves to be happy, not after crashing “Sinn’s” wedding and acting like she was somehow entitled to an all-access pass to Finn and Hayes. Over on The Young and the Restless, she kidnapped Lauren’s baby and let her believe that the boy was dead. This is not someone who should ever be allowed near a child, any child. Or, for that matter, any grownup. Need further proof?

Reminders of Sheila’s lifetime of misdeeds are in just about every photo of this gallery. You can also recall the many, many relatives that she’s driven away in the below family album that reveals who shares her tainted bloodline.