Steffy Finn B&B
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Are they really going to go there again?!

If you got a sense of foreboding during the recent scenes between Steffy and Finn at the cliff house in Malibu it may have been for good reason. Bold & Beautiful was definitely setting the stage for conflict between the loved-up duo…

Everything has been coming up hearts and flowers for Steffy and Finn, affectionately known to fans as “Sinn”, since their reunion in Monte Carlo, which — in case you missed it — was most emphatically a miracle. Steffy believed Finn to be dead, and in fact, he was as close as you could get to it, before his impressive recovery and escape from terror (aka, his biological mother, Sheila).

As Finn told Li, they’ve been as happy as clams in the aftermath and he has “everything he could ever want” with their perfect little family of four. He no sooner had uttered these lines than Steffy arrived at home wanting to make changes to the idyllic scenario. Because, of course she did.

Steffy, who was asked to attend her brother Thomas’s custody hearing for nephew Douglas, was bowled over when the kid announced he wanted to live with her and Finn as opposed to his parents. Not wanting to reject the cutie-patootie, Steffy bought herself some time by suggesting he go home with Hope for the night as they considered a solution to the sticky situation.

The fix, Steffy pressed Finn to see, was for Douglas to come and live with them temporarily until he decides he misses his usual home at the cabin and asks to return.

Finn balked immediately at the idea of taking the kid on, not because he doesn’t love spending time with Douglas, but because he doesn’t want to get pulled into the drama surrounding Hope, Liam, and Thomas. We have to say at this juncture that we found Finn’s reaction to be inconsistent with his character, who, as Steffy pointed out, has a huge heart. Nonetheless, the writers went with it and are clearly angling to create conflict for the couple.

Steffy coaxed Finn, who wore a skeptical and very unconvinced expression throughout their conversation, while across town, Liam was adamantly defending Steffy’s actions to his wife, Hope, who was sporting much the same look on her face as Finn. If this didn’t set off alarm bells in your head it should have.

Bold & Beautiful appears to have engineered this predicament with Douglas as a means of putting a shake-up into effect. Presumably, Douglas will go to live at the cliff house, where Finn’s resentment of being forced into agreeing to the situation will grow and cause a rift between him and Steffy, while Liam continues coming to her defense.

We all know the history between Steffy and Liam, and we can’t help but fear that the writers are eyeing an eventual split for “Sinn” to re-pair “Steam”. You know they want to do it! Hmm, did Steffy destroy that portrait of her and Liam or is it just waiting in a closet somewhere to be hung back up on the wall?!?
Liam Steffy B&B

If a Steffy and Finn split/Steffy and Liam re-do is what the groundwork is being laid for, we have to wonder what happens then to Finn and Hope. Will they fall into each other’s arms? Or will Hope gravitate toward Thomas to present a united front to fight to get their son back? Let us know where you think this is all going in the comment section below.

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