sean kanan
Credit: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

The daytime vet has overcome a “difficult journey.”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sean Kanan (Deacon) has been in the spotlight since the late 1980s and a part of the daytime scene since landing his first soap role on General Hospital (ex-A.J.) in 1993. Fans may not know this, but that same year he also appeared on the cover of Playgirl.

Last week, Kanan “hopped on the scale” and “weighed in at 183 lbs.” then shared that it was 2 lbs. less than when he appeared on the magazine cover. “And no I didn’t take it all off inside the magazine,” he clarified while including a shot of the sexy cover.

The CBS soap fave went on to talk about his weight loss journey and how he is currently down almost 50lbs. from his heaviest. Though it has been “difficult,” it’s been “amazing” nonetheless and one that has taught him “a few things along the way.”

Most of us have been on a diet or two in our day and along with some diets, they include cheat days — something Kanan doesn’t incorporate into his. Why, you ask? “The simple truth is that one day let alone a weekend of irresponsible eating and/or drinking will undermine all of your hard work in progress from the previous week,” he explained. “When you really boil down the psychology of a cheat day, two things become apparent. First it represents a ‘reward’. It’s a rationalization that if I work hard all week I deserve to eat whatever I want.”

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However, Kanan stated that in doing so, “using food as a reward system most likely is one of the obstacles standing in your way.” That was the case for him. So, what is the key to his reward system? “Instead, I will create other positive rewards from my self-discipline and good choices throughout the week.”

But that’s not all when it comes to why he doesn’t believe in cheat days. The psychological part of a cheat day involves “the restrictive mentality” of dieting, meaning “you can only diet for so long for the natural rebellious impulse to break out of the food jail takes over.” And from his own experience, Kanan recalled how “those jailbreaks can be pretty destructive.”

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He assured that as you move along your own journeys, and “forget the diet and create an effective process,” the results you’re looking for will come. But we all break from time to time, and he acknowledged, “I will in full disclosure admit that there are times when I will eat as much as I want, within reason. Generally I will do this as a strategy to shock my system and it frequently instigates further weight loss.” But his key is to do so by eating healthy and not adding in the “processed, carby garbage.”

We commend the actor for his determination and strength and hope by passing along the advice he’s given, it’ll help others out there who have struggled too.

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