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“Deacon is already in so deep… “

For a while there, it looked as if Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila and Deacon were just friends with more than a fe benefits. They laughed together, had great sex and seemed to understand that what they had was too volatile to last. But then, Deacon went and developed feelings for his nine-toed gal pal, and at the most inconvenient of times.

And of course, Sheila — being the queen of self-preservation — knows that only Bill can provide her the protection she truly needs. Yet as we saw at the end of Monday’s episode, Sheila very clearly has deep feelings for Deacon. Could he be her undoing?

“The one thing she’s ever wanted is love,” Sheila’s portrayer, Kimberlin Brown, recently told us. “Toward the end of her time with Deacon, he was very enamored with the person she was becoming and doing these wonderful things for her. But the entire time, she was thinking, ‘There’s only so far this can go, especially when I can’t be seen in public.'”

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But that all changed once Bill stepped in and gave Sheila both his heart (seemingly) and her freedom. “Being the powerful man that he is,” continued Brown, “he can pull strings that other people don’t even know exist. He can keep her safe, and he is providing her a life she always wanted.”

Or is he? “There are times when he’s very distant and almost cold,” Brown mused. “There are things she’s still trying to figure out about him and their relationship.”

Meanwhile, Sean Kanan (Deacon) believes his alter ego is ready to take big gambles for Sheila… even if that means putting some of his other personal relationships on the line. After all, Brooke and Hope aren’t likely to love the idea of him crushing on the former nurse! “Deacon is already in so deep with this secret he’s been keeping,” he told us. “That die has been cast. The new risk is the possibility of going up against Bill, with whom Deacon has always had a very contentious relationship. Bill is dangerous and who knows what he might do. But Deacon is in a place where he’s ready to take Bill on.”

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The real question then becomes whether Sheila might wind up losing everything in the name of the love she’s so long sought. “She’s torn,” sighed Brown. “She had a relationship with Deacon unlike anything we’ve ever seen her experience. He was captivated by the fun side of her as well as, in a strange way, the dangerous side. But at the end of the day, she’s a survivor. She’s going to do whatever it takes.”

Perhaps diving into Sheila’s past relationships via the photos below will help us figure out which man is right for her!