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You know what they say: Two’s company, but three’s… Uh-oh.

Hell has clearly frozen over, and air-traffic control has begun monitoring the flights of pigs, because The Bold and the Beautiful has had Brooke invite her lifelong nemesis to move in with her. And if Taylor does agree to become roommates with the rival whose friendship has been such a long time coming, two things are sure to happen in short order: 1. Our minds will be blown. Did you ever think that you’d see this day? And 2. Brooke and Taylor would become the show’s new power couple.

Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves

Together, what couldn’t the tag team accomplish? Agreeing that Thomas has forfeited his place at Forrester Creations by framing Brooke for that fateful call to CPS, she and Taylor could set about helping Steffy and Hope recruit a hot new designer. Perhaps they’d discover that, in her time away, Zoe has taken to sketching and has just the kind of eye on fashion that the company so desperately needs.

On one hand, the return of a recast Zoe would add a little drama to Katie and Carter’s sickly sweet romance and give Zende another shot at the one who got away. On the other, it would establish Brooke and Taylor as a can-do duo — a can-duo, if you will!


“Mission accomplished!”

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A Change for the Better

Shortly after Brooke and Taylor buried the hatchet, spoke with Krista Allen, who admitted, “We know people are going to be shocked by their [new bond]. But it’s a little like what happened between Brooke and Stephanie. They spent so many years at each other’s throats, but once they stopped, they realized, ‘Oh. We could’ve been friends all along.'”

The team-up gives The Bold and the Beautiful something that it hasn’t had in ages: genuine gal pals. Yes, Quinn and Shauna were besties, but they were coconspirators more than actual friends. Quinn and Zoe’s insta-friendship started and ended as a mere plot point. And though the Logan sisters are tight, it’s hard to invest in relationships where the most enthusiastically shared interest is in casting stones in glass houses. So we are living for “Braylor.” Unfortunately, their truce has an expiration date.

Make Ridge’s future love one of Thorsten Kaye’s past leading ladies.

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Aw, Man!

Once Ridge returns to the canvas, you know that all bets are gonna be off. Brooke and Taylor can’t stay away from him any more than we can keep our hands off a cheese platter or a box of wine. The “Braylor” alliance drew a very clear line in the sand with their ex-husband, but they are sure to have trouble keeping it drawn. “Taylor sees so clearly what she could have with Ridge,” Allen told us. “It blinds her to the fact that she never seems to get to have that with him — and probably never will. It short-circuits her brain and turns her into Charlie Brown. Lucy can yank the football away a million times, and Charlie brown will still fall for it.

“Same with Taylor,” she added. “Ridge is her Lucy, and a life with him is her football.”

But the show could take an unexpected turn and shock us all over again. It could have Brooke and Taylor go, “Look, this jerko has been our Kryptonite for too long. We have to make sure he’s off limits.” How? By finding him a new woman. Imagine how hilarious it would be — and how uncomfortable for Ridge — if his former wives started taking him out on the town acting as his wingpersons. The storyline would be light and funny, and it would lead to great drama. Once Ridge actually does meet someone with whom he clicks, Brooke and Taylor wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from having second thoughts. “What have we done?!?”

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