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The heart wants what the heart wants — sometimes even a little payback.

To put it mildly, Bold & Beautiful viewers have capital-F Feelings about anything and everything pertaining to Bill’s outta-nowhere love affair with merry murderess Sheila. So does the playboy’s portrayer, Don Diamont. Foremost among them: delight. “Doing things out of the norm is fun,” he said with a laugh during a recent edition of Bold Live.

While the actors are having a blast, the turn of events has been a waking nightmare for Steffy. Her mother-in-law shot her in cold blood, for Pete’s sake, and now, Sheila’s being protected by a man she once loved so much, she encouraged him to dump wife Katie for her! Not only that, but Steffy married into Bill’s family not once but twice, making husbands of his sons, Liam and Wyatt. How can the tycoon do this to her?

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Sigh. Christmases with the fam will never be the same.

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Not easily, Diamont admitted. “I think you’ve seen that it’s a little bit difficult for Bill to be putting Steffy — I don’t know about Finn so much, but certainly [it’s hard for him to be] putting Steffy in that position.” Bill scarcely knows his old flame’s new husband, so his only interest in the doctor would basically be Sheila’s interest in having a relationship with her son. Whom she shot. Along with his wife (deliberately, in her case).

While fans are having a hard time wrapping their heads around Bill’s actions, including his treatment of Steffy, Diamont has a theory about why he’s able to do what he’s doing. “Steffy did sort of reject Bill, too, at one time,” he recalled, “so she’s got to take her medicine!”

Not sure if Steffy rebuffing Bill after he seduced her during a rough moment in her marriage to Liam is an “offense” equivalent to shielding a maniacal career criminal from prosecution, but erm… OK. While you’re here, consider the number of characters who want Bill dead all of a sudden in the “killer” photo gallery below.