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Liam warns Hope not to underestimate Thomas.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for February 6 – 11, a custody battle is brewing. Read about it below and watch the preview.

After his stunt using Douglas’ voice recorder to set Brooke up for calling CPS on him, Thomas lost the respect of his family and his job at Forrester Designs. Even Douglas told his father what he had done was wrong and distanced himself from him.

Thomas eventually implored Steffy and Hope that he could at least work to help save the Hope for the Future line. Hope did believe he regretted his mistake, and Paris felt the company could use Thomas as they were struggling. Steffy also didn’t like being at odds with her brother but needed to know she could trust him. Hope and Steffy talked things over, with Steffy feeling Thomas would never change if they don’t hold him accountable. Hope told Steffy in order for the line to succeed, they needed Thomas and his designs.

Coming up, Hope embraces little Douglas, and tells Thomas that Douglas is her son and she needs to know the boy is safe. Thomas explains he needs his son, so he had some papers drawn up. Hope looks over the papers, which shocks her. She asks, “Is this serious?”

Liam warns Hope that Thomas obviously will come with some trick up his sleeve, and Steffy warns Thomas to be prepared to be let down as he might lose complete custody of his son tomorrow.

Read the Bold & Beautiful spoilers to find out who makes a proposition to Taylor, and who finds his voice.

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