don diamont and wife cindy bb
Credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Entertainment Studios

It was the perfect excuse for the daytime vet to get out of the house.

Cindy Ambuehl, the wife of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Don Diamont (Bill), celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, January 31, and received an extra surprise during her night out with the girls. The CBS soap star crashed the party and had two perfect, sweet excuses for doing so, as seen in the photos below of him dessert-crashing Ambuehl’s dinner with her gal pals in order to celebrate his wife.

“OK… maybe it was for the cake,” Diamont admitted then backtracked, “No… Wife… Or Cake?” And he continued to try to convince himself whether or not he just wanted to have a taste of the chocolatey treat or simply celebrate his wife by repeating, “Wife? Cake? Wife? Cake? OK… wife…” then asked, “Well, do they have to be mutually exclusive?!”

So adorable! And in his defense, that cake looked absolutely scrumptious! However, the photo of the couple proves that Diamont’s love for Ambuehl shines above all — just look at his smile — and Ambuehl, seated amongst her seven friends, looked as radiated as a birthday girl could be.

“I know I’m an incredibly lucky guy,” Diamont told during an interview. “I mean, sometimes, I’m not sure how she puts up with me… but I’m sure glad she does!”

The couple has been married since June 12, 2012, and he also shared a little tidbit as to the key to their success. “We laugh a lot,” he stated. “I think that’s important, that you can laugh with your partner.”

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Here’s to a belated happy birthday to Ambuehl and we look forward to seeing her and her hubby laughing together in the years ahead.

View more pics of the happy husband and wife duo in our gallery below filled with other Bold & Beautiful stars and their real-life partners.