katherine kelly lang bb white shirt
Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Festival of Arts

This “kinda sexy” newcomer might have a little trouble fitting in.

When it comes to daytime leading men, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke has had her fair share, and her portrayer, Katherine Kelly Lang, recently suggested yet another new love interest for her character. The CBS soap vet posted a couple of photos alongside the topic of conversation and asked followers, “What do you think?” New love interest for ‘Brooke’?”

Of course, Lang was only kidding about Chewbacca but nonetheless she couldn’t resist saying that he was “kinda sexy with all that hair.”

Ashley Jones, who plays Lang’s onscreen daughter Bridget, had another idea as to how to incorporate Chewbacca into the mix and stated, “I’m seeing a remake of Beauty and the Beast and I’m here for it!” We would be too!

So, what was Lang doing out and about with the Star Wars character? She was on a “California adventure” during a recent trip to Disneyland for the park’s 100th anniversary, which kicked off last Friday, January 27. Her boyfriend Dominique Zoida went along for the excitement, as did the soap’s supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk and other friends.

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“Never a dull moment with this bunch at Disneyland,” Lang expressed while giving fans a peek into the fun they all had through various pics that captured moments from their trip.

We’re glad the actress was able to take some time away from work to enjoy a day at the park, especially during its big milestone celebration. And hey, if she were to bring Chewbacca back to the set, well, stranger things have turned up on the show… speaking of which, is that Hope mannequin still lurking around the design room?

In daytime there’s always plenty of options when it comes to leading men, and we’ve included 20 actors who’d be perfect screen partners for Brooke in our photo gallery below.