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No one has realized it yet, but this guy has all the ammunition required to take down Dollar Bill!

Steffy and Finn — and almost every other character on Bold & Beautiful — took a one-way trip to Panicville when Bill managed to free Sheila and set her loose on the world, and there doesn’t seem to be any way back!

Taylor, of course, has agonized over being the subject of Bill’s blackmail and has “decided” on more than one occasion thus far to turn herself in. She even made a sobbing confession to Katie, who, although gobsmacked, doesn’t seem to see the psychiatrist sacrificing herself as much of a solution either. As Steffy pointed out, Bill bought off the judge, so any attempt to prosecute Sheila will likely be blocked by him again.

Finn’s wife then declared that they need, not only answers as to how Sheila got into Bill’s head, but to find a way to stop him. We think she’s onto something.
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Going after Sheila isn’t going to get them anywhere with Bill running defense and effectively shielding the madwoman from paying the consequences for any of her actions, so the key here may be to go after the magnate himself, thus removing Sheila’s protection system.

“But who?”, you may be thinking, “has got the goods on Bill?”

Certainly not any of the Forresters, or they’d have used it already. Bill’s sons, Liam and Wyatt, may know some corporate secrets but are unlikely to sabotage their own father or their company and legacy even if they came up with something that could ding him.
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But there is one person who knows where all the bodies are buried — perhaps even literally. This person was once loyal to Bill but he isn’t any longer, and incredibly, is actually working for the Forresters.

Remarkably, the co-CEO of Forrester Creations has been so frazzled and stressed by the whole situation with Sheila that she hasn’t yet realized that the solution to her troubles is right under her nose! Luckily, savvy Bold & Beautiul viewers never forget, so it shouldn’t be long until Steffy puts two-and-two together as well.

Justin could redeem himself from that nasty little episode of holding Thomas captive by helping out the Forresters in their time of need. He’s bound to have a nugget or two on Bill (and the evidence to back it up) that would have his former boss seriously rethinking his plans for a future with the town pariah!

Not to mention, we’d love to have Aaron D. Spears back on the canvas as Justin Barber in a big way.

Do you think Justin has dirt on Bill that could be the key to ending Steffy’s nightmare? Let us know in the comment section below.

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