Sheila, Taylor roof B&B
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“She is the only one who can” make it right! 

Remember when Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila were becoming gal pals, and we kept shouting at our screen for the shrink to keep her distance? Eventually, Taylor realized the error of her ways (before going on to form an even more unlikely friendship with Brooke!). And despite Sheila being told over and over that she should stay out of pretty much everyone’s lives, Bill’s new boo seems to think that somehow, she’ll eventually convince everyone that this time, she’s really, truly changed.

Sure, Sheila’s said it before, but this time she means it. Honest!

Which is why Taylor is about to draw a line in the sand, even if that means putting her own future in jeopardy! Rather than let Sheila continue to torment the residents of Los Angeles — or at least those connected to the extended Forrester clan — Taylor is taking matters into her own hands.

“She wants to make it right,” Krista Allen (Taylor) recently told Soap Opera Digest, “and she’s the only one who can!”

First, however, Taylor has to get past the questions she’s having (and guilt she’s feeling) regarding that long-ago night when she shot Bill in the back. After all, it is the decision she made that night which has given Sheila that Get Out Of Jail (Via Blackmail) Free card!

Bold beautiful taylor worried

Unfortunately, Taylor’s attempt to make things right — which leads to her having a fraught confrontation with Sheila — goes terribly wrong. By the time their conversation is over, up is down, down is up and Taylor is left questioning everything she’s ever believed about herself.

According to Allen, talk of Bill’s shooting leaves Taylor shook. “That’s when Taylor starts to question what happened to her,” the actress previewed. “Is there something bad inside of her? Could Sheila be right?”

Given their long and often painful history, it’s somewhat ironic that it is Brooke who manages to talk Taylor off the proverbial ledge. (Perhaps a poor choice of words on our part, seeing as Sheila wouldn’t even be an issue if Taylor had allowed Finn’s mom to hurl herself off the hospital roof last year!)

If there’s one thing Taylor can be sure of, it’s that she has a virtual platoon of people in her corner. So much so that by week’s end, about as unlikely a pair as you could imagine are vowing to do whatever it takes to make sure Taylor is kept safe! With so many people determined to see Sheila punished, is it only a matter of time before someone takes the law into their own hands?

As Taylor reflects on the choices she’s made over the years, take a look at the photo gallery below in which those decisions — and their consequences — are chronicled!