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Steffy is determined to get Sheila out of their lives for good.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for January 30 – February 3, Bill’s other ex takes on Sheila. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Since Sheila and Bill came forward with their relationship, nobody has been able to understand what is going on in Bill’s head. Brooke talked to her ex and tried to make him see that Sheila would only pull him down into the darkness with her. Bill explained that he needed Sheila, even if it didn’t make sense. He told Brooke that she and Katie trampled on his heart time and time again, leaving a sense of emptiness inside of him. Brooke vowed not to rest until Sheila was rotting in prison.


Katie confronted Bill as well, trying to get through to him, and make him see that he didn’t belong with someone like Sheila. She warned Bill she would not let Will be around Sheila, and his being with her would be the end of their family.

In a preview of what is to come, Sheila informs Katie that she is the woman in Bill’s life and she just needs to accept that. Katie snaps back, “I don’t see a ring on that finger!”

Elsewhere, Steffy fumes that they need to find a way to get Sheila out of their lives, and ponders how they will stop Sheila once and for all.

Finally, Sheila warns Katie there is nothing she can do or say to come between her and Bill. Katie tells her, “We’ll see about that!”

What do you think fans? Will Katie be able to save Bill from Sheila, and from himself?

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