who killed sheila
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Sheila’s presence in Bill’s life is pushing one of his nearest and dearest to the brink.

One way to fight fire, they say, is with fire. So perhaps it stands to reason that a reasonable means of fighting madness… is with more madness? That may be what The Bold and the Beautiful has Katie thinking these days.

Bill’s involvement with local loon Sheila has left his former wife beside herself. On one hand, it’s beyond upsetting to Katie to watch Bill cozy up to the merry murderess. On the other, it’s whatever comes after beyond upsetting to Katie to imagine the lady killer anywhere near her and her ex’s young son, Will. Sheila’s not the type that you’d let babysit a pet rock, never mind an actual kid!


“Say it. Say I’m harmless… or else!”

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Katie’s stress level is about to shoot up even higher, too, as spoilers for the week reveal that Sheila dares to threaten her — and new boo Carter intervenes. Now Katie and Carter are two of the most upstanding characters on the show. Only maybe Liam, Hope and Wyatt are squeakier-clean. But given the clear and present danger that Sheila represents, Katie and Carter could be driven to a diabolical extreme.

Think about it. Carter is smart as hell — and a lawyer. If he and Katie put their heads together, they might deduce that she could eliminate Sheila — gulp — permanently and claim temporary insanity. Because if anyone could drive a person insane, at least temporarily, it’s Sheila, right?

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“I wouldn’t hurt a fly! You, on the other hand… ”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

What do you think? Could Katie be pushed that far, if only to ensure Will’s safety? Weigh in in the comments after you review the other suspects in the “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery that we’re sure is coming in the below photo gallery.