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She does not take it well!

If there’s one truth that can be said about Bold & Beautiful‘s Taylor, it’s that she most definitely is not a shrinking violet. (She is, though, a shrink.) So it doesn’t take long for her to get fed up with Sheila’s blackmailing scheme with Steffy and decide to take matters into her own hands. But things don’t always go according to plan and in this case, per the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, they actually end up going spectacularly wrong.

First off, Taylor tells Katie that she is the one who shot Bill, then she goes to tell Sheila to back the hell off — and gets brought to a full stop by some darkly devious head games. Deep down, they aren’t all that different, are they? After all, Sheila points out, they both shot someone… What kind of person would do something like that?

That’s exactly what Taylor starts wondering, Krista Allen said to Digest. She thought she’d moved on from it, but now her (allegedly) shooting Bill is back and hurting the ones she cares about the most. “Taylor fears that she may not be that different than Sheila.”

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And who can blame her? Heck, what if she’d actually killed Bill? Sheila’s certainly killed before, but for all her attempts, she’s actually successful a shockingly low number of times. If Bill had died, Taylor would have been one for one. Luckily, that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean Sheila’s words don’t sink into Taylor’s psyche.

And that’s when she decides she needs help from someone — so she turns to Brooke!

“There is something interesting about Brooke,” Allen mused to Digest, “because if this had happened but a couple of months ago, it would have been rubbed in her face in such a bad way.”

But it’s not. Their pact holds up. And more importantly, their friendship holds up. Shooting someone she once loved like Bill might have sent the old Brooke off, but the new Brooke? Nah. (Granted, it probably helps that everyone’s ticked at Bill right now.)

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“She is reminding Taylor that she is not like Sheila,” Allen continued. “She is reminding her that it was an accident and, ‘It just wasn’t you, Taylor.’ Brooke is making very big efforts to show that she is a friend and Taylor has a very big heart. Brooke is showing up for Taylor.”

Is it enough to pull her from a dark place? For now, maybe. Friendship is powerful armor, especially when it comes from someone you never expected it. But this isn’t the first time Taylor thought she’d laid these demons to rest, and Sheila and Bill are still out there.

Making it through this may be a longer journey than she ever expected.

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