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C’mon, people. Do better.

During this week’s Young & Restless Lauren-palooza — such great flashbacks, such a clunky setup! — viewers learned something that we never knew about the Forresters of The Bold and the Beautiful. They. Are. Awful.

We were still bewildered as to why Lauren was rehashing her horrific history with Sheila for her son’s new boyfriend on what was supposed to be a celebratory night — ’cause what, nothing says “Partay!” look reliving past trauma? — when this came out of her mouth: “I’ve been assured that she’s dead.”

Fen introduces Trey to the family Y&R

“But enough about you. Let’s talk about Sheila!”

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Come again? That means that when Bold & Beautiful raised the madwoman from the grave in 2018, in all the months that she was engaging in slugfests with Eric’s then-wife Quinn, he never once thought to pick up the phone and warn ex-lover Lauren that, “Hey, you remember that crazy lady who was always trying to murder you? She’s back.” None of the Forresters considered tipping off their dear old friend that, “Girl, you in danger!”

Then again, maybe Lauren wasn’t in danger. Maybe Sheila was too busy trying to set up Quinn with a hot masseur, slinging hash at Il Giardino and imagining her portrait hanging over the Forrester fireplace to mess with her old archenemy. On the other hand, does she strike anyone as the type who can’t multitask? It was worth at least a text, Eric!

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“Who was I about to call?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It is still worth a damn text! When Sheila resurfaced anew, suddenly rich and fixated on insta-son Finn, again, Eric clearly didn’t give Lauren a heads-up. When Sheila accidentally shot Finn and deliberately shot Steffy, pfft. Nothing. Was Eric and Lauren’s split more acrimonious than we’re remembering?

And another thing. Having been on Most Wanted posters for most of her adult life, wouldn’t it have made the news that Sheila was being sought by the police for a double almost-homicide? Wouldn’t it have made the news that she’d been eaten by a bear? Wouldn’t it have made the news that she’d cut off a toe to fake her death, was alive and, thanks to the rules of soap-opera law, again a free woman?

With a rap sheet as long and colorful as Sheila’s, she’d be as infamous as Jeffrey Dahmer or Jack the Ripper. Anything she does would be a headline. Everything she does would be a headline. It. Makes. No. Sense. And worse, it makes Eric look like a total dirtbag for letting someone about whom he used to care so much walk around oblivious to the threat for which she should be looking out. We know he’s all boo’d up with Donna, but dude, you can take a break from the honey for long enough to be a decent human being.

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