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“I don’t know where that came from!” 

From the moment soap fans first saw Don Diamont as Days of Our Lives‘ Carlo, they knew he was something special. But it might have been the way he seamlessly transitioned from playing Young & Restless‘ Brad to Bold & Beautiful‘s Bill which proved just how major a talent the guy really is.

But has he been keeping one particular skill under wraps? That question came up during a recent edition of the YouTube chatfest Bold Live, during which Diamont and co-star Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) rather bravely took questions from listeners. (Hey, you never know what fans might ask, and, as the name implies, the show goes out live!)

Toward the end of the show — which you can watch in its entirety below — a caller asked whether it was true that when Diamont joined Bold & Beautiful, he wanted to both appear on camera and work behind the scenes as a scriptwriter. The caller went on to ask whether, given the opportunity, the actor would write a dramatic or comedic storyline for his blustery alter ego.

“I do try to bring a lot of [humor] to Bill,” Diamont acknowledged, “and particularly in the scenes with his kids. You do see a lot of Bill’s personality particularly in those scenes.”

Liam, Wyatt, Bill and Justin talk at work Bold and Beautiful

Bill said “Hands on your hips” but not “Simon Says.”

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As for the bit about him wanting to be a writer? “It’s not true,” he declared. “I’ve never expressed any desire to be a scriptwriter.”

Not only that, but this was one rumor that was completely new to him! “I’ve never heard that before,” he admitted. “I don’t know where that came from!”

As it turns out, the misinformation has been spread via Wikipedia, and seems to have originated with the soap’s headwriter and executive producer, Brad Bell! It seems at the time of Diamont’s hiring, Bell released a statement reading in part, “It is my pleasure to welcome [Don] to Bold & Beautiful. He has also expressed an interest in being a script writer.”

While that appears to have been a miscommunication, supervising producer and Bold Live host Casey Kasprzyk pointed out that both Diamont and Brown “know their characters inside and out. They know what they would have for dinner. They know what they like to watch on TV, so they add to their character so much that maybe isn’t on the page. They put their whole selves into it!”

Bill’s certainly created a lot of drama over the years… all of which we’ve captured in the gallery below!