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As tensions flare between Bold & Beautiful nemeses, the cast finds a way to ‘keep their cool’.

Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) recently put her nemesis, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), on notice that she wouldn’t stop until she was back behind bars where she belongs. Sheila, of course, has no intention of going back to prison now that she’s landed the cushy role of mega-rich Dollar Bill Spencer’s significant other — so, it’s safe to say there’s tension… and there’s going to be a lot more of it.

Off-camera, Brooke and Sheila’s portrayers like to kick back together, and recently hit the slopes at Mammoth with other cast members, including Matthew Atkinson (Thomas), his girlfriend Brytnee Ratledge, and Hollis Chambers, who plays Paul the bartender at Il Giardino (or should we say, Deacon’s Place?).

The gang looked to be having a high old time as Brown declared, “Bold & Beautiful has taken over Mammoth Mountain,” and hashtagged it “best time ever”.

Joking about the on-screen battle brewing between Sheila and Brooke, Brown captioned a clip of Lang and Chambers toasting with, “Once again, on the outside, looking in!! Darn those Logan women!! Will I ever catch a break??”

Lang also shared photos from the fun-filled day and a little history of her relationship with the slopes. Saying she was “so happy to be skiing again,” she explained, “I grew up coming to Mammoth every weekend. My dad was an Olympic skier and he taught us kids at the age of three.” Amazing!

That said, the star was a tad out of practice. “I haven’t skied for at least 15 years and also coming back from my ankle break with rods and screws,” Lang noted, while thanking Brown and Chambers for “the ski tips and support”.

Finally, Lang sent out a message of thanks to Brown for hosting along with some more fun photos from the day.

Bonus behind-the-scenes footage! Check out your faves getting ready for filming first thing in this clip Brown posted with Lang and Krista Allen (Taylor) in the Bold & Beautiful hair and make-up room running lines.

Let us know what you hope to see coming up in Sheila and Brooke’s storyline!

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