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We can tell ya one thing for sure. Thomas, it ain’t!

When Bold & Beautiful revealed a review of Forrester Creations’ latest line during the January 24 episode, Zende and Eric were, in Thomas’ estimation, ripped to shreds. Though the critic was being as nice as when it tries to say that a storyline sucks without coming out and saying it sucks, the message was clear — and damning.

As Hope read that the designs on offer were “a far cry from the artistry and creative innovation” under Thomas, the expressions that she and Steffy wore said the same thing that the pariah hoped they would: We need that brilliant, lying dirtbag back, pronto!

Obviously, the soap is going to use this sartorial crisis to hand Thomas a Get Out of the Doghouse Free card. It shouldn’t, though, because doing so tells us two troubling things.

Matthew Atkinson, Katherine Kelly Lang, Thorsten Kaye, John McCook, Annika Noelle, Lawrence Saint Victor"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 11/16/22 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8922 U.S.Airdate 12/26/22

“Nope, I cannot agree to this no-lying clause in my new contract.”

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Bad News, Eric

1. Apparently, veteran dressmaker Eric and grandson Zende aren’t the genius sketchmakers that we thought we were supposed to think they were. And 2. There is a dangerous shortage of fashion designers in L.A.!

How on earth can Forrester’s only solution be to call in the mannequin-kissing, marriage-trashing jerk who was never more than a pass at Hope away from being brought up on sexual-harassment charges? Have Pam and Donna lost Amber’s number? Bridget’s in town; pull her out of the ER and have ol’ Madame X work up some haute-couture doodles!

Where’s Clarke Garrison? Why not turn Spectra’s former hotshot loose — and let him bring sons C.J. and Mark back to the canvas at the same time? Since Mark’s a doctor, we could actually get some hospital drama as he clashed with Finn and Grace. (Bonus!)

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Manning had a devil of a time on Days of Our Lives. A Mardevil, even.

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This Year’s Model

Or — and this is a radical notion, we know — how about bringing in (gasp!) a new character! Take a real charisma machine, someone like Emmy winner Mike Manning (who was written into a corner as Charlie on Days of Our Lives), and drop him into the mix as a designer who is neither related to nor even has ties to the Forresters.

Bold & Beautiful could even do something that it never has before, and make the character gay — or, better yet, bi. Twice as many potential love interests. He could start palling around with Paris, and only when people start pressing her about what’s going on would she disclose that she isn’t the co-worker in whom he’s interested. (Surprise, Zende.)

An interesting and very different story could even be told in which, say, Ridge has to confront his homophobia. Why has Forrester never had any gay employees? Maya was transgender and worked there, but no one knew that she was trans when she was hired. Is Ridge bigoted? Is he the sort that says, “I don’t care what anybody does, I just don’t wanna see it” — while he’s gone so far as to schtup then-stepmother Brooke in the Forrester lab?

What do you think? Isn’t Eric and Zende’s sudden suckage at designing just a convenient way to wipe Thomas’ slate clean? And wouldn’t it be more fun to have somone new mixing and mingling with the Forresters, Logans and Spencers? On your way to the comments, review all the reasons Thomas shouldn’t be rehired in our photo gallery that tells his unbelievable life story.