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Have we completely lost it, or has the show?

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are kind of used to watching with a look of stunned disbelief. The show has, after all, had Thomas mack on a mannequin, killed and resurrected both Finn and Li in a matter of weeks, allowed Ridge to pull a wife-swap on the advice of a pinecone, paired Bill with Sheila (?!?) and gave the madwoman a Get Out of Jail Free card because of… reasons.

But now hell must be freezing over and pigs must be flying, because the show has decided that Deacon, an ex-con living in a hovel since he returned to the canvas in 2021, has managed to “scrape together” the funds to buy Il Giardino. Come again? How did the waiter even scrape together the funds to buy a plane ticket to Italy to convince the owner that his ideal successor was a con artist with a rap sheet as long as the restaurant’s menu?

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“Ridge isn’t a bad tipper if ya give him extra breadsticks.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If Sheila had come through with the dough, we’d get that. It should’ve raised all kinds of red flags with the IRS, but at least we’d understand how Deacon could afford to purchase a business. It would also add up if Deacon had borrowed the money from heiress daughter Hope or her mom, Brooke, who’s always had a soft spot for him.

Nope. Deacon just “scraped together” the moolah. Apparently, there was more change in his sofa cushions than we ever imagined. And if that’s the case, if this kind of lunacy can go on, anything is possible, right? Forrester Creations could rush into production a new line of culottes. Ridge could return not in the way that we anticipate but declaring himself celibate. Brooke could be haunted by slap-happy Stephanie. Taylor might even treat a patient!

Then again, considering Deacon’s bizarre history, maybe this twist isn’t even the weirdest. Review his checkered past in the photo gallery below.