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“I thought I was the one who did it… ” 

For weeks, Bold & Beautiful fans have been trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with Bill. Sure, the guy’s been something of a loser in love — despite being rich, powerful and handsome in equal measure. But would loneliness really be enough to push him into the arms of Sheila Carter?

Simply put, no. And whenever he insists that’s the case, we think the gent doth protest too much.

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Finally, however, we may have a clue as to what’s really going on. If you watched Friday’s episode, you probably noticed that very odd conversation between Liam and his wife, Hope, toward the end. (If you missed it, here’s a recap.) On the surface, it seemed like a pretty normal rehashing of past events… at first.

Certainly Liam and Hope weren’t the first people this week to discuss the night of Bill’s shooting. What with Bill using Taylor’s confession as a way of blackmailing everyone into supporting his relationship with Sheila — if only by not sending her to prison — there’s been quite a bit of talk about that night.

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But this time, it was different. Because Liam reminded viewers that for a time, he actually believed himself to have been the shooter. Certainly his motive was every bit as strong as Taylor’s. In fact, it was basically the same: Each of them were furious with Bill for having, in their minds, taken advantage of Steffy. (You’ll recall that Bill and Steffy’s one-night stand resulted in her wondering if Liam or his pop had fathered her child.)

“I thought I was the one who did it,” Liam told Hope, with them going on to remind us that his “memory” of having committed the crime was the result of a concussion. “I still actually remember myself doing it,” Liam admitted. “And I think that’s just my mind’s way of coping with the betrayal. Like, I imagined my father dead, and then I imagined myself making that happen.”

Eventually, Taylor confessed to having entered Bill’s estate and shot him in the back… but what if things weren’t quite that cut-and-dry? What if Taylor did pick up that gun and shoot Bill, even as someone else fired a gun at the exact same time? And what if somehow, Sheila found out that it was a gun fired by Liam, not Taylor, which felled Bill that fateful night?

That rewriting of history could explain a lot… including why, even in private, Bill is feigning his feelings for Sheila. Remember how she’s spoken about the night they met on the beach? What if during their conversation, she’d almost casually mentioned knowing that Liam shot his dad? In that moment, mightn’t Bill have made the decision to do whatever it took to prevent his son from ever knowing the awful truth?

Just like that, a switch might have flipped inside Bill. “I will pretend to love this woman, and I will do whatever it takes to get her out of jail until I can find a way to make sure Liam’s secret never comes to light,” he might have said.

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So much makes sense if that’s the case. Of course he can’t look into Katie’s eyes, because she might see the truth in them; that he could never love a woman like Sheila!

If Sheila really does know this secret, she and Bill could now be engaged in a dangerous game, especially if she has some form of evidence against Liam. Perhaps something she’s tucked away for safe keeping, just in case the need to use it ever arises.

What do you think, loyal viewers and readers? Have we cracked the case?

Liam’s made a whole lotta very big, very bad mistakes over the years… and we’ve got the pictures to prove it, all of them found in the gallery below!