Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

What has the black sheep of the Forrester family been doing all this time?

Ever since Bold & Beautiful busted Thomas for telling the whopper of a lie that broke up his father’s marriage to Brooke and nearly got him re-hitched to Taylor, the City of Angels’ devil has been laying low… or so we’ve been led to believe. But since he isn’t exactly the type to know when to quit — see also: his pursuit of Hope — we expect that he’s getting all his ducks in a row to file a massive lawsuit against Forrester Creations for pink-slipping him.

To have any hope of winning such a lawsuit, Thomas would, of course, need one hell of an attorney… which opens the door to the show finally introducing a real love interest for him. Pick an actress who can play not just smart but cunning — someone like Dallas alum Julie Gonzalo, Passions vet Lindsay Hartley or Riverdale vixen Madelaine Petsch — pair her with Matthew Atkinson, and watch the sparks fly!


What’s more, when Thomas wins the lawsuit, rather than tolerate him calling the shots around the office, Ridge and Steffy could buy him out, thus giving him all the startup money he needs to start his own fashion house. Then, voila! At last we can have the fashion wars of yore anew, only now with Forrester vs. Forrester instead of Forrester vs. Spectra or Forrester vs. Jackie M.

What do you think? Isn’t it time to a) give Thomas a love interest and b) once again declare war… fashion war? En route to the comments, revisit high- and lowlights of Thomas’ past in the below photo gallery.