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If you think about it, you know which ones they are, too.

At this point, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have largely given up. They’re sighing exasperatedly, rolling their eyes and assuming that if everything from attempted-murder charges to a jailbreak to common sense hasn’t been able to stop Sheila, nothing will. But it ain’t necessarily so.

If Steffy really wants to follow through on the fateful vow that she made in this week’s preview, she’ll call in reinforcements… in the form of the only people who could drive home to Sheila what a horrific impact she has on those that she purports to “love.” What would result wouldn’t be so much an intervention as an insanetervention. And the guests of honor?

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“Sheila’s list of enemies is even longer than I thought!”

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Crazy Is His Business

First to challenge Sheila’s notion that she has some right to wreak the same kind of havoc on Finn and Hayes’ lives as she has on everyone else’s over whom she’s obsessed would be James Warwick, the shrink that she once shackled to a wall and with whom she somehow wound up having a child. Although the last time they crossed paths, back in 2017, Sheila was able to blackmail him with her knowledge of his painkiller addiction, this time James would be ready to own up to his problem — and call out his babymama for the remorseless psycho that she is. And he wouldn’t be alone…

In tow would be Mary, Sheila’s estranged daughter with James. With a rage that’s been kept bottled up for years, Mary would unload on her mother for the way she’d tried to manipulate her into becoming a part of the Forrester family by any means necessary. Sheila had had the chance to have a family with her… and instead had chosen to have a pawn. Finn and Hayes deserve better than to be reduced to the same!

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“I’ve been telling everyone my mother died… optimistically.”

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The Truth Hurts… a Lot

Next up would be Ryder Callahan, Sheila’s son with Young & Restless’ late Tom Fisher. Holding nothing back, he’d describe what his and late sister Daisy’s life had been like with nutso Aunt Sarah. He’d detail the revenge plot that he was sucked into — and its outcome: the ruination of his life. All because Mommy hated Lauren Fenmore so much and was such a train wreck of a human being that she let her kids believe she was dead instead of accepting her punishment and showing them that she was truly sorry for her criminal past.

At that point, we’d get an interruption from Diana, Sheila’s daughter with Massimo Marone. Diana would declare that she wished their mother had let her believe that she was dead — because her brand of TLC had warped her mind so badly that she herself wasn’t capable of getting into, much less maintaining, a healthy relationship. What kind of role model could Sheila have been, after all, when she is and always has been pure evil? “That isn’t true,” Sheila might dare to protest. Then and only then would the insanetervention’s final guest reveal herself.

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“Yo, Ma? Reality calling.”

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The Past Never Forgets

Young & Restless’ Lauren Fenmore would emerge to point out to Sheila that she hadn’t changed one bit. Back in the day, she’d wanted Lauren’s husband, Scott Grainger, and she’d let nothing — neither logic nor morality — stop her. She’d drugged him, seduced him, stolen a baby to replace their dead one, attempted to murder Lauren and her own mother, then… when the jig was up, she’d fled to L.A. to avoid being held responsible for her crimes.

And Sheila is still doing the same thing, Lauren would note. She shot Steffy — not by accident, not on impulse… in cold blood. She tried to murder her daughter-in-law. And when she got busted, what did she do? She faked her death — again — and moved heaven and earth to avoid being penalized for the fact that she’s a homicidal maniac. “Face it, Sheila,” Lauren would conclude. “You don’t just want to have your cake and eat it, too, you want to have your cake, poison it and make everyone else eat it! And it stops here… today!”

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What do you think? Could a group effort possibly shatter the protective dome of denial that Sheila has built around herself? On your way to the comments, catch up on the relationship status of all of your favorite couples from The Bold and the Beautiful in the below photo gallery.