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Katie tries to make her ex see the error of his thinking

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for January 16 – 20, Liam is stunned to learn what his dad has done. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Last week, Bill reminded Steffy and Finn that keeping quiet will ensure Taylor doesn’t go to jail for shooting him years ago. Meanwhile, Brooke and Taylor were over the moon thinking Sheila was finally going to be put away for good.

At the closed hearing, Finn and Steffy abided by Bill’s blackmail and pretty much said nothing against Sheila. With no other choice, and nobody testifying against her, the judge freed Sheila.

When Taylor learned the circumstances that freed Sheila, she offered to turn herself in for shooting Bill years ago. However, Steffy couldn’t let her do that, as Bill already owns the judge and it still wouldn’t ensure Sheila went to jail also.

In the preview of what’s to come, Katie rants that Bill is completely under Sheila’s spell, and that will destroy him. Liam is likewise stunned when he learns his father is siding with Sheila and blackmailing Finn and Steffy. Steffy rants to him that Sheila is more dangerous than ever.

Katie visits with her ex and pleads with Bill to see that Sheila is using him. Sheila snaps, “You had your shot and you blew it!”

Elsewhere, Steffy vows, “No one threatens my family and gets away with it. Sheila and Bill are going down!”

What say you fans? Will Steffy take Sheila and Bill down? And if so, will it be permanent?

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