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Please put on your football helmets, folks, because you’re about to hit the roof.

Based on the reaction thus far to the pairing of Bold & Beautiful madwoman Sheila and glum ladies’ man Bill, viewers aren’t going to see the controversial twosome have sex the week of January 16, they’re only going to see red. But the odd couple is indeed going to cement their ill-advised relationship by going all boom-chicka-wow-wow, Soap Opera Digest reports. He even uses the L word — and, for better or worse, we don’t mean “Leave!”

Ms. Right Now

“For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, Bill has found acceptance,” portrayer Don Diamont tells the magazine. “Sheila doesn’t tell him what he can or cannot do.” Of course, why would she when everything that he wants to do at the moment benefits her?

Clearly, Bill is not in his right mind. Heck, he’s so far gone that even Katie and his sons can’t make him see that he’s basically drinking poison, stabbing himself and swimming after eating all at once. If his loved ones don’t like his new girlfriend, what with her habit of kidnapping and trying to kill folks, big whoop. He has no [bleeps] to give.

Don Diamont, Scott Clifton "The Bold and the Beautiful" bill liam hw

“Where is the ‘mute’ button on you, son? There’s gotta be one, right?”

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His Way or the Highway

“The way it is now with Bill, he’s like, ‘Get with the program, or you’re not going to be in my life,'” Diamont says. “Sheila is his sanctuary” — and now a sanctuary with whom he gets horizontal to boot! The only way to part the duo may be… uh-oh.

Yes, only death may part them at this point. We’ve speculated before that Bold & Beautiful had given Sheila so many new enemies that she was bound to land in the morgue. (See who the likeliest suspects are here.) But she may not turn out to be the victim in the seemingly inevitable murder mystery.

Sheila plots to kill Steffy hospital B&B

“How is this my fault?”

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Kill Bill?

Someone is surely destined to try to remove Sheila from Bill’s bed, preferably in a body bag. But suppose they only succeed in making a killing, not killing the right person. Suppose in attempting to put the psycho in the grave, they put Bill in the hospital!

Suddenly, Sheila would be without her protector, and one of Bill’s nearest and dearest would be faced with an impossible task: covering their tracks! Then again, the show could just have someone decide to off Bill outright. If he’s become as unhinged and dangerous as his new boo, it would make a twisted sort of sense, no? (Review all the characters who could take aim at Bill here.)

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