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The dressmaker may be on his way to being — gasp — out of style.

Regular readers know that we have had capital-T Thoughts about what The Bold and the Beautiful has been doing with Bill. (Read ’em here.) We’ve been confused. Concerned. Perturbed, even. But then it hit us like a ton of bricks: The show must be sinking Don Diamont’s character to such a low, only to turn around and raise him back up.

In time, we’re sure to find out that Bill has the kind of soapy brain tumor that causes him to act, shall we say, not like himself. Once it’s removed, Bold & Beautiful will have on its hands a chance to do a total reset of the Machiavellian businessman. He could work overtime to prove how sorry he is about what he did when he wasn’t in his right mind… in so doing, creating a new reputation for himself as — gulp — a decent guy.

Don Diamont, Thorsten Kaye bb ridge bill fight

I’m the white hat in this town, bub!”

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While that would be all well and good for Bill, who’d come to enjoy not being given side-eye every time he enters a room, it would be an absolute nightmare for Ridge. What could he hold over his nemesis’ head if not his misdeeds? If Bill is no longer the ficklest playboy in Los Angeles, wouldn’t that make Ridge look, frankly, terrible?

A new and improved Bill — a genuinely knew and truly improved Bill — might actually make Katie think twice about keeping the fork stuck in their relationship. If Brooke isn’t thrown into the polarizing storyline we predicted, she might consider him an appealing alternative to the husband who dumped her without explaining why. And Taylor could suddenly see Bill as someone altogether different from the rat bastard who once so infuriated her that she shot him.

Taylor wedding day B&B

“Damn! He looks fine in a halo!”

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“What the heck is going on here?” we can just hear Ridge cry. And what would be going on would be that L.A. would suddenly have among its population an eligible bachelor who’s a bona-fide catch, a standup guy who wouldn’t dream of ending a relationship on the advice of a pinecone or building a sex den in which to cheat on his wife. What would be going on would be that Ridge would no longer be the hottest ticket in town. And he’d haaate it.

It would be amazing, right? And hilarious to see Ridge served helping after helping of humble pie! While you’re here, check out some of the most gorgeous red-carpet looks that Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has ever rocked.