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And just like that, Sheila’s a free woman!

Like The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Steffy and Finn, we went into Sheila’s hearings with a few assumptions firmly in place. Like fans, we found ourselves thinking, “Even if Steffy and Finn don’t testify against Sheila, surely she’ll still wind up behind bars. After all… she broke out of prison!”

Yet once the judge learned that Steffy and Finn were not going to be pressing charges or testifying against Sheila, he dropped a bombshell: Because Sheila had been “kidnapped” by Mike Guthrie, there were no charges to be brought regarding her supposed escape.

Say… what? As the women in one of our all-time favorite ads (which you can see below) would say, “That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!”

While Law & Order has gained a reputation over the years for presenting a fairly realistic view of courtroom dramatics, the same can’t be said for soaps. And this was certainly no different.

But we should have seen this coming… and probably from a mile away. Why? Because if there’s an entity out there more determined to keep Sheila from paying for her crimes, it would be Bold & Beautiful‘s writers. After all, Sheila is a drama-generating, gasp-inducing, storyline-propelling force. She’s easily one of the most iconic characters to ever emerge from daytime television, right up there with Erica Kane and Luke Spencer.

Some of the biggest moments of the past year came courtesy of Sheila, whether it was Finn and Steffy being shot (which led to their eventual uber-romantic reunion), the villainess chopping off her own toe to evade the authorities or the revelation that she’d somehow gotten Bill under her sway.

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Of course, this is a game that the show can only play for so long. Perhaps more than ever, we live in a world in which people want to see good triumph over evil. And there is absolutely nothing the writers can ever do that will “redeem” Sheila. That ship sailed long, long ago. But for the moment, there’s still story to be told and, honestly? We can’t wait to see what’s next. So while what just went down makes about as much sense as Quinn’s reasons for skipping town, we’re here for it. At least for now.

With half of Los Angeles gunning for Sheila, isn’t it only a matter of time before one of the people in the gallery below finds a way to remove her from the picture… permanently