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If you think what’s happened thus far has been shocking… wait.

Bold & Beautiful knocked viewers for as big a loop as Bill’s family and friends with the reveal that he was in bed with Sheila, so to speak. But from where we’re sitting, that’s going to soon look like it was the mere calm before the storm. Why? Because of what it now says about Bill.

If Don Diamont’s character is willing to put everyone about whom he’s said he cares in danger to back the madwoman, he’s further gone than she is. Sheila’s no mere scheme queen, after all, she’s a killer. Need anybody be reminded that she was so miffed at not getting with her way with Finn and Hayes that she pulled the trigger in order to murder Steffy in cold blood? And when Finn got in the way, taking the bullet instead, Sheila then took aim at Steffy again! This is not a forgive-and-forget sorta situation!

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“Bygones! Say it, Steffy! Say it!”

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It’s been going on for decades, too. If Sheila had made a mistake, maybe we could go along with Bill that she deserves a second chance. But she hasn’t made a mistake, singular, she’s made a zillion, from stealing Lauren Fenmore’s husband and son on Young & Restless to putting onetime accomplice Lance in an early grave to kidnapping half of Los Angeles.

Sheila has proven — over and over and over — that she just. Doesn’t. Change. She doesn’t learn from her mistakes, she builds upon them. To ignore that makes Bill as soulless as she is — and potentially even more dangerous. A man who would choose to blithely allow into his life someone who poses a literal threat to everyone in her path is, quite frankly, terrifying.

But perhaps the individual should really be scared by what Bold & Beautiful is doing to Bill is Sheila herself. As hooked as he is on her, he might be driven to desperate measures in order to kick the habit. And he’s not the only one who might be considering her lingering presence a grave matter. See who else might bring to an end Sheila’s reign of terror in the photo gallery below.