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Who will go to jail and who will go free?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for January 9 – 13, Sheila believes she’s beaten the odds. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Last week, Sheila was finally caught and arrested. Of course, the shocks kept coming when Finn and Steffy learned Bill and Sheila had become a couple and were living together! Steffy reminded him that Sheila is a psychopath and he needed to wake up. She assumed he had a psychotic break himself after being hurt by Brooke and Katie. Bill wouldn’t listen to Steffy’s pleas and warned her, if she and Finn testify against Sheila then he will make sure Taylor joins her in prison for shooting him years ago! However, by the end of the week, Bill was starting to question if Sheila was using him.

In the latest promo, Taylor gleefully says justice will be served and Sheila will be put away forever. She has no idea the trouble she could be in thanks to Dollar Bill’s latest obsession.

A flashback of Sheila telling Bill that together, there is nothing they can’t do, is shown. Bill continues his blackmailing of Steffy and says, “Sheila’s freedom for your mother’s freedom.” Steffy simply can’t believe he is doing this.

Deacon visits Sheila in jail and admits part of him is betting that she’s going to beat the odds. She gloats, “Maybe I have!”

What do you think fans? Will Sheila go free? Will Taylor be sent to the slammer? And what are your thoughts on Sheila and Bill as a couple?

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/Instagram