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Can we find a way for the latest Bill/Sheila twist to make sense?

We’re all for a soap pulling the rug out from under us, which is exactly what Bold & Beautiful did when they revealed that Sheila and Bill are an item. But we’re also kinda big on our soaps making at least some sense. Sure, there’s always going to be those moments that require a suspension of disbelief. But even when things get super weird on this particular show — we’re talking Thomas making googly eyes at a mannequin — it ultimately makes sense. (In that case, a brain bleed was responsible for the designer’s odd dating habits.)

But fans are really struggling with this latest Bill storyline, and we understand why. So let’s lay out some of the basic questions and see if we can’t try and suss out the answers.

  • Wait… how long have Sheila and Bill been “living together”? We were stunned when the pair revealed they’d been shacking up… especially since until just a day or two ago (at least in soap opera time), she was living with Deacon. Sure, we knew she was sneaking out — Deacon took her to task for it several times — but never once was it said that she was staying out all night! Which makes us wonder if perhaps the show has done a mini time-jump without ever bothering to tell the audience.

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  • Would Bill really hook up with a woman like Sheila? Surprising as this relationship might be, it’s not entirely out of character for Bill. Let’s not forget that he had a very dark and twisted relationship with Quinn. It was well established that the two brought out the worst in each other. And as portrayer Don Diamont told us during a recent chat, “Bill makes his worst decisions when he feels as if he’s not worthy of love, whether it’s from his family or the women in his life.”

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  • Why did Bill call the cops on Sheila? Only moments after Sheila declared she would always be devoted to him, Bill broke out his phone and summoned the police. At first, we thought perhaps he’d been playing her all along. But that doesn’t track, because he could have simply had her arrested at any point. No, it seems far more likely that he really is working with the loon, and that they realized the only way for her to be truly free would be by dealing with the various charges hanging over her head. Surely a few days behind bars would be worth it if, ultimately, Bill could use his power and influence to set her free?

Yellowstone John Summer

  • Is Bill about to borrow a move recently used by Yellowstone‘s John Dutton? On that primetime horse opera, Dutton arranged for jailed love interest Summer to be put on house arrest…  conveniently enough, in his home! Could Bill be about to do the same by claiming he is willing to help Sheila “rehabilitate” herself, even personally overseeing her care by taking her into his home!

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  • Why blackmail Steffy/Finn if he was going to turn Sheila in? The only way Bill’s plan would stand a chance of working is if he can prevent Sheila’s victims from testifying against her. Heck, perhaps he’ll even use the threat of sending Taylor to prison for his shooting as a way to force Steffy and Finn into making statements on Sheila’s behalf!

You’ve read our theories on what’s really happening… now hit the comment section with yours! Meanwhile, check out the gallery below in which we outline all of the other crimes Sheila’s committed… yet somehow managed to avoid paying for!