Steffy Finn B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Will Bill wind up paying the ultimate price for protecting Sheila? 

Those who’ve watched The Bold and the Beautiful for any length of time might have found themselves wondering if what they saw last week was a dream sequence. After all, the show has a history of faking viewers out with huge plot twists which turn out to be fantasy sequences. Heck, only a few short weeks ago we watched Thomas making out with Hope… only to find out the designer was only fantasizing about his literal dream woman.

So when Bill stormed in and declared himself to be Sheila’s protector, it’s not surprising that some in the audience suspected they were being played. But as this week’s new preview — which you can watch below — proves, Steffy’s waking nightmare is all too real. Bill really is determined to protect Sheila. In fact, he goes so far as to reiterate that if Steffy or anyone else tries putting Sheila behind bars, Bill will go to the police and tell them that it was Taylor who shot him several years ago.

Steffy, meanwhile, is clearly flabbergasted by this turn of events. “To side with Sheila is a death wish,” she warns.

Sheila and Taylor as prison bunkmates? Now that might be fun to watch!

Can anyone talk sense into Bill? Or might there be more going on than anyone knows? After all, spoilers for this week indicate that Katie will be praising Bill as a hero for being the one to turn Sheila over to the police. But how can that be if he’s blackmailing Steffy… unless, of course, Bill is proving himself the true master of the game.

Will Sheila kill Bill… or might the show be adding him to the suspect list for the murder mystery we’ve long predicted? Check out the gallery below for our guesses as to who might decide to off the vixen!