Possibilities? (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for January 18 – 22.

This week seemed exceptionally boring to me. Especially after the intensity of Bill and Katie finding out about the attempted coup, this was a bit of a let down. I think part of the reason was that Bill wasn’t on much, but mostly it was because all we heard was repetitious dialogue from Ridge and Steffy declaring war on the Logans and vowing to get the company back.

Aside from the repetition, the dialogue was also pretty questionable. Ridge kept calling Brooke’s family ‘The Logans’ and declared to her he wouldn’t allow them to run his company, blah, blah, blah. Did he forget he married a Logan, you know, the woman he was badmouthing them to? It sounded so odd, like he was referring to a family neither one had anything to do with. He also kept making the distinction that Hope was Brooke’s daughter, yet, she calls him Dad. Even though we haven’t seen the bonding onscreen, if we’re to believe she thinks of him as her father, the logical assumption would be that he thinks of her as his daughter. If that is the case, I would have to believe he wouldn’t be so quick to basically slam her in favor of Steffy. At the very least, he should be more understanding and sensitive to the fact that Hope is part of his family too. Also, Taylor and Steffy were both furious that inexperienced Hope’s campaign was chosen over Steffy’s, but didn’t Steffy come from shipping and receiving with relatively no PR experience herself? And when Hope told Steffy she wanted to learn from the best, meaning Steffy, I wondered how Steffy earned that distinction considering she only has one campaign under her belt.

As for Taylor, her involvement in Steffy’s work life once again annoyed me. I couldn’t believe she stayed in the office to watch, as Brooke and Ridge argued about the Hope/Steffy situation. It really was none of her business. Then she hightailed it over to Stephanie to fill her in and got irrationally riled up. It was really too much. Her scene with Whip was sweet, proving they have chemistry, so I would really like to see her move on with him instead of continuing to obsess over Ridge. Besides why is she giving Ridge so much of herself after he left her again for Brooke? I am choosing to believe their kiss at the end of Friday’s episode is all in Taylor’s imagination. If not, and Ridge changed his mind again about who he wants to be with, to use his words, I am officially done with him.