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She thinks that she has Bill right where she wants him. She is sorely mistaken.

Bold & Beautiful made it appear that Bill and Sheila had checkmated Steffy and Finn by having the secret lovers threaten to reveal that Taylor had shot the Spencer Publications tycoon if they blabbed the whereabouts of L.A.’s most-wanted psychopath. But what they’ve really done, ultimately, is give the power to get rid of the menace to society to the last person they ever expected.

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It wasn’t even a very good shot.

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Move and Countermove

When Taylor learns what is going on — and let’s be real, Steffy is not going to be able to keep this development from her mother forever — she is sure to do the noble thing. “Let’s tell the police where Sheila is,” Taylor will say. “If that means I have to go to prison, so be it. I won’t have you living in fear.”

But, of course, before it came to that, Taylor would confide in her new bestie Brooke. (That is, if by then, the new pals haven’t become more.) Brooke, in turn, would know exactly what to do, both to rid their lives of the scourge that is Sheila and keep Taylor out of prison orange: Go to Katie.

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“Me, with all the power? Oh, I could be into that.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Taylor’s One Hope

As Bill spiraled ever further downward, he reached out over and over again to his former wife. If anyone could convince him to do the right thing, it would be her. And although Katie would make it clear that she still didn’t want to reunite with her ex, she could also make it clear that if he wanted to be the man that he was with her, the first step could only be turning in Sheila and playing dumb when it came to his own shooting.

Relenting to sense, Bill would do just that. Unfazed, Sheila would then play her trump card: She’d shout from the rooftops that Taylor’s just as guilty of attempted murder as she is. Only since Taylor is a world-renowned psychiatrist, not to mention the onetime princess of Morocco, no one would believe the nut job with a rap sheet that’s longer than she is tall.

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