Sheila car B&B
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Sheila is more dangerous than ever.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for December 26 – 30, Sheila plans her next big move! Read about it below and watch the preview.

Finn and Steffy were floored when Finn realized, thanks to Sheila’s way-too-cleanly-severed-toe, that she may have faked her own death by a bear attack. Indeed, Steffy was later stunned when she ran into Sheila, in disguise, at Il Giardino of all places.

Sheila was able to jump into a car and fled the cops in a high-speed chase and just narrowly managed to escape. Steffy feared the worst, knowing Sheila has a history of tormenting her family. Sheila later lurked outside of a house vowing she’d never be caught or sent back to prison.

Coming up, a huge storm hits, and Sheila is shown driving somewhere it. Elsewhere, Taylor informs Brooke, “Sheila Carter is alive! She is out there. What is she going to do next?” In her car, Sheila says, “Almost there.” Where is Sheila headed?

Later, Sheila is shown in a raincoat, weathering the storm and throwing a circuit breaker. It’s lights out for someone! Meanwhile, others are warned, “Sheila is as dangerous now as she ever was, maybe even more.” Finn, Steffy, Liam, Bill, Katie, Hope, Brooke, and Taylor’s shocked faces are shown, as Shiela prepares to make her next move.

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